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Summit Investment Group Investment Approach

Summit’s Comprehensive Investment Approach provides structure and oversight for your investment plan. Our established approach encompasses eight steps to ensure you have a complete understanding of the strategies put in place for your retirement assets.

Step 1 - Information Gathering:

  • We initiate this process with an interview, questionnaire and discussion of your extended advisory needs.

Step 2 - Clarify:

  • We study gathered information in light of your goals and desires.

Step 3 - Value Proposition:

  • We present our value letter outlining recommendations for your comprehensive plan and defining the value that Mr. Wilson adds as manager.

Step 4 - Advisors:

  • We assemble and/or coordinate the team of financial, legal, and tax professionals as needed, who will serve your wealth management in accordance with your instructions.

Step 5 - Implementation:

  • We put in place all elements of your customized plan, providing oversight throughout the transition.

Step 6 - Examination:

  • We meet with you to review and discuss the efficacy of your plan and address any remaining details.

Step 7 - Monitor:

  • We provide you and your team with a recap of delegated action steps following ongoing discussions and meetings with the client.

Step 8 - Annual Review:

  • We review progress toward your wealth management goals and assess any changes in your life circumstances that need to be addressed. This is where the flexibility of your plan and life come into play because we live in an ever-changing world.